• If you discover your home has been broken into please do not enter your home. Call 911 and wait for the Police to arrive and let them make sure there is no one inside your residence or business that should not be.
  • Do not touch anything inside the house or business until crime scene and detectives arrive on the scene. By doing this you decrease the risk of possibly contaminating any evidentiary material. Your assistance is needed in preserving the crime scene as much as possible so crime scene technicians can recover as much evidence as possible to help lead them to an arrest and conviction.
  • If you have a video recording system in your residence or business please make sure you are familiar with how to operate the system. This will allow detectives to view your video system on the scene and possibly be able to obtain a suspect lookout. It also allows for you, the owner to make a copy of the video for detectives, email it to the detective or download it on the scene to a thumb drive.


  • Get to know your neighbors. Keep an eye on each other’s house or business. Exchange contact numbers in case of an emergency.
  • When going out of town make sure a neighbor knows. You can also contact your local Police Station and ask to be added to the special attention book.
  • Have someone get your mail, newspapers or deliveries while you’re gone. If you are unable to do that have those services suspended until you return.
  • Keep doors and windows shut and locked when you’re not home. Trim back overgrown bushes and shrubs that block ground level windows and doorways.

Theft From Autos

  • Do not move your vehicle
  • If you find your vehicle has been broken into, do not enter your vehicle and look through it. Please wait for a police officer to arrive on the scene. Again this will decrease the potential for contaminating the crime scene.


  • Keep your vehicle doors locked, windows up, and if the vehicle is equipped with an alarm keep the alarm activated when you are not in your vehicle.
  • Do not leave anything out in plain view. This should include but not be limited to coins, paper money, cellular phones, GPS/Navigation devices, tablets, laptops, clothing etc.
  • If you have GPS navigation in your vehicle, take it down, including the mounting bracket and place in your glove box or take inside.


  • The District of Columbia Government also has an incentive program for video recording cameras that you purchase for your home or business. It is a wonderful program which many residents and business owners in the city are taking advantage of. The link for this incentive is provided for specific information: