March 15, 2016

Dear Neighbor,

As you might have heard, Metro-Rail service will be suspended from midnight tonight until midnight tomorrow for maintenance to conduct safety checks of electric cables. Service is expected to resume as normal on Thursday, March 17th. While this will undoubtedly be an inconvenience for many, please keep in mind that this decision was made out of a care for the safety of commuters in and out of the District. My office will update you as we learn more information about the re-opening of the rail system for Thursday.

Friends, please remember to help each other over the next 24-hour period. Are you driving to work? It might be worthwhile to check on your neighbor to see if they could use a ride. That is the ‪#Ward4 way.

Other important information:

  • The DC Circulator will be open and running as typically scheduled.
  • The Capital Bikeshare will be available as usual.
  • The DC Streetcar will be up and running.
  • Metro Bus will be running as typically scheduled.
  • The VRE and MARC trains will be running as typically scheduled.
  • DC Public Schools are currently planning to remain OPEN tomorrow (tardies and absences will be excused).
  • Taxis & taxi-like services (Uber/Lyft) are also resources that can be utilized if transportation is needed.

Please do not hesitate to contact my office tomorrow with any questions or concerns, at (202) 724-8052.


Brandon T. Todd
Councilmember, Ward 4
Ward 4 Council Staff

Brandon T. Todd
(o) (202) 724-8052

Sherryl H. Newman
Chief of Staff
(o) (202) 724-8052
(c) (202) 215-5455

Dolly Turner
Deputy Chief of Staff/Scheduler
(o) (202) 654-6406
(c) (202) 304-8123

Michele Blackwell
Legislative Director
(202) 724-7774

Jackson Carnes
Director of Constituent Services
(o) (202) 724-8793
(c) (202) 316-9078

Jordan Bailey
Constituent Services Coordinator
(o)(202) 654-6421
(c)(202) 412-7310

Jordan Rummel
Communications Specialist
(o) (202) 724-8191
(c) (202) 294-2506