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March 6, 2018

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Councilmember Todd Calls On Maryland & Virginia To Join DC’s Full Assault Weapons Ban, Building On Growing Nationwide Gun Control Movement

Washington, DC – Today, Councilmember Brandon Todd (D-Ward 4) introduced a “Sense of the Council” Resolution calling on Virginia and Maryland to join the District of Columbia in fully banning assault-style weapons.

The “Sense of the Council Virginia and Maryland Assault Rifle Prohibition Resolution of 2018” calls on the Virginia and Maryland legislatures to ban assault rifles to help prevent such weapons from being brought into the District of Columbia, where assault weapons are illegal. Co-introduced by nine other Councilmembers, the Resolution cites that the AR-15 and similar assault rifles were central to the school shootings in Sandy Hook, Parkland, and elsewhere. Currently, only seven states and the District ban assault rifles. Virginia has not banned these weapons and allows anyone 18 years or older that passes a three-page background check to purchase an assault rifle. Maryland has banned assault rifles, but grandfathered-in those who owned such weapons before the ban and left a loophole for the H-BAR 15, a “heavy barreled” AR-15 used for target practice.

“While the District remains a leader in gun control, boasting some of the nation’s strictest gun laws, a gaping and deadly systemic flaw remains – assault weapons illegally brought into DC from other states with looser restrictions” said Councilmember Todd. “As the nationwide movement for gun control continues to gain momentum, it is critical that the Washington Metropolitan region’s jurisdictions be unified in commonsense action to ensure weapons of war have no place in our neighborhoods. I call on my colleagues in Virginia to take the necessary step of banning assault-style weapons, and on Maryland to close all loopholes that have the potential to allow these killing machines into the District. The time has come for bold action to protect our people. We cannot wait any longer.”

Today, Councilmember Todd also introduced the “Comprehensive Boards and Commissions Review Amendment Act of 2018,” which would require the Mayor to complete a comprehensive review of certain boards and commissions every two years. Within 90 days of enactment the Mayor would promulgate rules establishing criteria for evaluating boards and commissions. The Mayor will review the activities and responsibilities of each board and commission to determine whether they are carrying out their purpose, whether the responsibilities are consistent with statutes, whether they should be merged with another board or commission, or whether they should be abolished.

“This bill is all about improving government efficiency and accountability ,” said Councilmember Todd. “As Chairman of the Committee on Government Operations, I am acutely aware of the important role that our various Boards and Commissions play in providing our agencies, offices, and legislators with in-depth advice and information on a wide range of policy issues. Greater accountability and efficiency will only improve our Government’s functions, and ensure that the talents and knowledge of our Boards and Commissions are put to the best use.”  


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About Ward 4 Councilmember Brandon T. Todd
Councilmember Brandon T. Todd (D-Ward 4) is a native Washingtonian and lifelong public servant. He was elected to be the Ward 4 Councilmember on April 28, 2015 in a special election, and re-elected to a full four year term on November 8, 2016. He serves as Chairman of the DC Council Committee on Government Operations, Vice-Chair of the Metropolitan Washington Air Quality Committee, and is a member of the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board.