Constituent Services

Councilmember Todd and the Ward 4 Constituent Services Staff are dedicated to working around the clock to help Ward 4 residents address problems big and small, as well as access a range of DC Government services. Submit the below form to request assistance. Read testimonials of Ward 4 residents who Councilmember Todd’s office has assisted:

Councilmember Todd did an outstanding job helping us navigate a semi-crisis with the gas company.   The incident felt like David and Goliath, and luckily Councilmember Todd was our rep. In short, we moved to a new Ward 4 home with an 8 month old and didn’t know the gas had been turned off (we moved from out of state).  WGL refused to come to our home immediately, instead booking us for a few days from our initial call. We emailed Councilmember Todd that night at 10pm, and by noon the next day, WGL had arrived to turn on the gas. It was pretty incredible and far exceeded our expectations.

Chris, 29th St NW, Chevy Chase

Through the efforts of Councilmember Todd and his team, the grass in the vacant alley lot behind our home has finally been cut.  It’s typically difficult to procure the appropriate agency annually to service the lot. Councilmember Todd and his team have remained amenable each year to navigating the city process in support of proper maintenance of the lot. As a resident whose home is next to this lot, I am thankful for their efforts and I look forward to continuing to work with them.

Patrice, Alaska Ave NW, Shepherd Park

Councilmember Todd and his office recently helped get a street light fixed near Grant Circle that had been out for an extended period of time. Despite my service request to 311 being closed without the street light repair being completed, and without any explanation, Councilmember Todd was able to get this repair pushed through quickly. Councilmember Todd understood the importance of working street lights and worked to get this repaired, which happened one night quickly following his involvement. Thank you to Councilmember Todd and everyone in his office!

Michael, New Hampshire Ave NW, Petworth

For many years, my neighbors and I would step gingerly around the cracked, raised and asphalt-patched areas of our sidewalks.  As Councilmember Todd knocked on our doors during his campaign, he promise that if elected, he would not forget our desperate need.  It was important to me that the seniors, especially those 85+, some of whom bought their homes more than 55 years ago, would not look as they were half asleep as they walked, trying to navigate the dangerously impassable sidewalks.  In addition, several homes also had no aprons to facilitate easy access to and from their cars with their canes. Every household was excited as we watched the civil engineer and his crew install our new sidewalks. No more sleep-style walking on our block; only gliding. Thanks to Councilmember Todd and his staff for following through on his promise to enhance the safety and mobility of our seniors.

Ms. McKee, Oneida Place NW, Brightwood

When a big pothole formed on Riggs Road, NE, I contacted Councilmember Todd’s office to ask that it be repaired. I was delighted to see that the pothole was filled quickly. I am grateful to Councilmember Todd and his constituent services team (especially Jackson Carnes who I tweet with regularly) for their efforts on behalf of Ward 4 residents.

Kenny, Madison St NE, Riggs Park

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