Public Safety

Councilmember Todd is committed to a comprehensive, multi-agency approach to public safety. He continues to work closely with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), as well as the Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement (ONSE) and agencies across the government to ensure that public safety remains a top priority for everyone. Some of Councilmember Todd’s accomplishments in public safety include:

  • Established much of Kennedy St, NW and the surrounding area as a “hot spot” zone, opening up additional public safety resources, such as violence interruption services from Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement. Violence interrupters engage at-risk individuals and address the root causes of violence before it devastates our families and community.
  • Maintains constant communication with MPD Chief Newsham and Commanders Griffin (4th District) and Gresham (2nd District) to ensure resources are deployed to high-priority areas and patrols are responsive to concerns.
  • Fully funded the Neighborhood Engagement Achieves Results Act (NEAR Act), which takes a public health approach to safety and provides alternative means of preventing at-risk youth from entering the criminal justice system. Monitor implementation of the NEAR Act at:
  • Organized and hosted numerous block captains training sessions to teach public safety skills and strategies to over 100 Ward 4 residents.
  • Expanded funding and eligibility for the Private Security Camera Incentive Program. Over 1,000 cameras have been installed throughout Ward 4, providing investigators with critical footage to aid in solving crimes.
  • Completed Fire Engine Company 22 at Walter Reed, improving fire and emergency response times for neighborhoods across Ward 4 with this $13 million investment.
  • Organize periodic door-to-door canvasses, neighborhood walks, and community meetings and events with the Metropolitan Police Department.
  • Work with the Ward 4 public Safety Advisory Committee to develop implementation plans for their recommendations.
  • Participate in ride-alongs with Fourth and Second District Commanders to better understand Ward 4’s public safety needs.